Pokémon Sword and Shield Booster Pack: Rebel Clash

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Packed with exclusive new Pokémon Cards straight from Japan here is the Pokémon Rebel Clash Sword and Shield Booster Pack

A new series with the beautiful artwork of Toxtricity Vmax and Dragapult in full-art on the ultra-rare cards of this Booster pack. With 5 cards per pack, it may seem complicated to fall on it and roll over your opponents but if it makes you feel better: we got it our Toxtricity on the first try !

We'll give you some strategies and techniques on how to use these cards in TCG combat a little further down. We had the opportunity to test them, and we can tell you one thing: they are devastating.

  • Release date: March 6, 2020
  • Shipped from Japan in 72h
  • Official Japanese cards
  • Reference number 4521329283982
  • Expansion Pack S2
  • One Booster Pack contains 5 cards

Si tu souhaites multiplier tes chances d'avoir une carte ultra-rare, tu peux opter pour le Display Pokémon Clash des Rebelles.

Toxtricity Vmax Card

On Toxtricity V, you can dodge your opponent's Pokemon with the "Dokuzuki" attack for sure! If you switch it to Vmax, the "Kyodai Riot" attack will deal 240 damage in a row to your opponent's Pokemon!

Dragapult Vmax Card

Dragapult VMAX "Dai Phantom" attacks can do 130 damage and bench 5 bad Pokémon boxes at your leisure! You can add another 180 exceptional damage with 2 super energy cards.