Pokémon Sun & Moon Lost Thunder Booster

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With Lugia featured on the package front, it can only be a good series: the Pokémon Sun and Moon Thunder Lost Booster Pack

Although this edition was released at the end of 2018 in Japan, there are still many applicants, especially for the Pokemon GX cards present in it: rare, and above all very beautiful for collectors!

The shipment is made directly from Tokyo, capital of Japan. We buy the Booster Packs for you directly from the Pokémon Center, which allows us to have the lower price, what more could you ask for!

  • Release date: September 7, 2018
  • Shipped from Japan in 72 hours
  • Japanese Official Cards
  • Reference number 4521329226538
  • SM8 Expansion Pack
  • 5 cards per pack

If you want to have your favorite Pokémon more simply, you can opt for the Pokémon Sword and Thunder Shield Lost Booster Box.

Lugia GX Card

The Psychokinesis characteristic increases its damage according to the number of energies attached: 4 energies, 150 damage! The next attack does 170 damage with 2 colorless energies and the GX attack sends all cards attached to your opponent's Pokémon to the trash can!

Blacephalon GX Card

Sakuretsu Burner burns the opponent, and you can use him immediately with just one fire energy! Surprise Head will throw each attached energy into the trash, dealing 50 damage per energy (up to 4). Burst GX will destroy a Pokémon without any conditions.

Carte Shuckle GX Card

With Mamori no Tsubo, negate damage from Pokemon with less than 2 energies. Sanbai Doku is a poison that deals 3 times the damage and Makitsuku GX deals 40 damage while paralyzing the opponent.

Suicune GX Card

With Genei no Kaze, you can use this bench attack and return all cards attached to Suicune GX to your deck. Cure Stream inflicts 120 on the current turn and 30 on the next turn. The Brinicle GX attack returns to bench, dealing 150 damage.

Tyranitar GX Card

The Lost attack causes all Pokémon Cards attacked by Tyranitar to go to the lost area instead of the trash, Abaresajin deals 130 damage and 30 more damage to all Pokemon on the bench. Smackdown GX will directly inflict 220 damage!