Pokemon Booster Pack : Sword and Shield Battle Region

Pokemon Booster Pack : Sword and Shield Battle Region

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The brand new expansion TCG: Battle Legion arrives in Japan at the end of February with its dose of novelty as well as reinforcement for VSTAR cards!

If you liked the January 2022 Star Birth TCG expansion, we have good news for you: Battle Region Enhanced will enrich your V and VStar map collection while introducing a whole new type of card : The Luminous Pokémon!

Possing a new type of holographic, these cards have the ability to be placed directly on the ground (much like V cards) making them perfect to become the best trainer or collector.

This new s9a expansion will also introduce new Pokémon in their V form (like Garchomp and Starmie) as well as a string of rare cards that will make you dream!

Can you catch them all?

  • Release date: February 25, 2022
  • Shipped from Japan in 72h
  • Japanese Official Cards
  • S9a Expansion Pack
  • 6 cards per deck

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