Pokemon Theme Box

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2 products

What does a Pokemon Theme Box contain?

There are many Pokemon box, and they are all unique, so the contents may vary from pack to pack. That said, most of them will always contain at least some playing or collectible cards, card protection, and TCG battle accessories. Sometimes you will have access to an exclusive and super rare card thanks to the boxed: maybe this is where you will get a Pokemon V, Vmax, or Pokemon GX Card !

Boxes are often themed, containing exclusive items related to a particular arena champion or Pokemon for example. They will sometimes contain a game board and damage tokens, in addition to a possible Pokemon Binder and Booster Packs.

Which Pokemon Theme Box to choose?

The number of boxes available for sale can be daunting! Indeed, there are so many, which one will be the best for you? Don't worry, we'll help you find the best one for you and your team that makes up your Pokemon Starter Deck.

Ultra-Rare Card Box

If you're looking for a holographic card, a Vmax or GX card, some Pokémon sets will have an exclusive card included, so it's guaranteed to be obtained. We could see for example Urshifu V, Crobat Shiny, Cinderace Vmax or Dhelmise Vmax: it is important to stay informed of the new releases from Japan to know in advance what will be released!

Otherwise, the boxes will sometimes contain a bunch of booster packs or decks that allow you to potentially get rare cards. You'll have to rely on luck this time, but as you may already know: in Japanese Pokemon cards, you have more chances to get the card of your dreams.

Pokemon TCG Box

Here, we'll address you, the Pokemon battle fan. There are sets dedicated to playing cards players, which will contain a game board, damage tokens, and something to protect your cards. Of course, you may be competing in Pokemon battles, and everything is provided for that: there will even be a storage box! Some Pokemon sets are themed, such as based on the arena champions from Sun and Moon or Sword and Shield. Sometimes they'll even include the Pokémon Decks of the champion in question, ideal for a big roleplay fan.

Pokemon Collector's Box

The last big family of Pokémon Boxes dedicated to card collectors. Here, the attacks of the Pokémon GX or Vmax cards don't matter, it's about the rarity and the design: a full-art, half-art, holographic card,... And of course, we thought of you by bringing them directly from Japan.

They will contain a large quantity of Pokemon Boosters Pack (between 5 and 30), of a particular limited edition, and everything will be accompanied by everything you need to keep the cards intact: card sleeves, cases, binders, and so on. This is definitely the type of Pokemon Box you need if you're looking to show off to your friends how rare a card is!

Where to buy the special Pokemon Box ?

There are a bunch of editions out there, each one rarer than the next. While some are more sought after than others, such as the Pokemon Espeon and Deoxys Set, Umbreon and Darkrai, and Reshiram and Charizard, you'll still need to look closely at Pokemon retailers.

There are two main options, which are physical shops (specialized shops), and websites. In the first case, it's quite complicated: it depends on the stock, if you have one close to you, and especially, if it will have THE set you are looking for. In short, it's a good choice, but to get what you need, it will be based on luck!

In the second case, you have to turn to the internet, but be careful! Many sites will sell counterfeit Pokemon, so you'll have to be very careful about the legitimacy and security of the site you buy from. Here, we import Pokemon cards directly from Japan, which are bought at the Pokemon Center (the official shop in Tokyo!). There is nothing more exclusive and authentic!

Moreover, it's often cheaper than in UK: since Pokemon products are mostly made in Japan or distributed from Japan, we get them at a super low price and this allows us to sell them to you for less than the British price.