Pokémon Theme Box: Shiny Box Crobat V

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The Crobat is entitled to a magnificent SHINY BOX, still available on our site. Enough to get your hands on the Booster Shiny Star V!

The Crobat V in this unique color is only available with this set. This means that only those who buy the Crobat V from the Shiny Box will be able to boast of having an extraordinary Nostenfer! Your turn!

What is astonishing with this box is that it is not only "the inside" which is interesting, but also "the outside"! The deck is, of course, a different colored Crobat, but the pink and green color combination creates a unique version, and the packaging is sure to make a lovely gift.

Its glossy surface gives it a luxurious look and, although it is convenient for storing your cards at home, you can take it anywhere with you and enjoy the elegance of this card box anytime!

  • Release date: December 25, 2020
  • Shipped from Japan in 48 hours
  • Pokémon Official Product
  • Reference number 4521329306049
  • 6 Sword and Shield Shiny Start V Booster Packs
  • 2 Holo Hidding Darkness Energy Cards
  • 6 Basic Hidding Darkness Energy Cards
  • 1 Shiny Crobat V (Crobat V Holographic) card
  • 1 SHINY Crobat V Storage Box

If you are looking to have only the Shiny V Boosters, you can opt for the Pokémon Shiny Star V Booster Box.