Pokémon Theme Box : Leafeon VSTAR Special Set

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Straight from Japan, the Pokémon Sword and Shield Special Plant series, featuring Leafeon V, Leafeon VSTAR and an 8-card "Star Birth" Booster Pack

Are you looking for quality with an affinity for plant Pokémon? This package is made for you! It includes the premium cards of Leafeon V and Leafeon VSTAR as well as an 8-cards booster pack from the "Star Birth" series. Perfect for having a solid foundation!

Leafeon V Card

Leafeon V is a Plant type and has 200 HP, in addition she has two abilities. Beware of the fire element which is his main weakness! (Damage taken x2)

The first ability is also a Talent, Greening Cells, allowing you to search your deck for a Plant Energy card to attach to one of your Pokémon. Of course, you will then have to shuffle your deck. Be careful if you activate this talent, your turn ends instantly.

His second ability is Leaf Blade which will cost you 1 Plant Energy and 2 Colorless Energy and will deal 90+ damage. Why +? A luck-based effect is added, just flip a coin, and if heads, this attack will do 60 extra damage. In short, you have a one in two chance of doing 150 points of damage! Something to confuse your opponent with a bit of randomness.

Leafeon VSTAR Card

Evolution of Leafeon V, Leafeon VSTAR has 260 HP and is still a Plant type. Together with this evolution, a new batch of destructive spells !

The Guard Leaf ability will cost you 2 Plant Energy and 1 Colorless Energy and cause 180 damage. But that's not all ! It also applies a defensive effect. During your opponent's next turn, Leafeon will reduce damage by 30 points (after applying the weakness/resistance system)

And like any VSTAR card, this one has a special Talent that can be used once per game. A Talent to use strategically, and which can make the difference in a tight game. The Ivy Star Talent which will allow you, during your turn, to exchange one of the pokemon on your opponent's bench, with one of these active pokemon.

As a Sword and Shield series product, all expansion packs released so far are included, one pack each, for a total of eight packs.

  • Release date: February 4, 2022
  • Shipped from Japan within 72h
  • Official Japanese Cards
  • Serial number: 4521329364797
  • Contains 8 Star Birth Boosters Packs
  • 2 Leafeon PROMO Cards

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