Pokemon Cards V

139 products

139 products

The great novelty of the Sword Shield TCG expansion that has changed the way of playing as well as collecting is waiting for only one thing: to arrive in your binder!

Appeared at the end of December 2019 in Japan, the V cards are supposed to integrate the pre-form of the 8th generation Dynamox (the one of the Galar region).

Their operation is quite simple: they can land on the ground directly and once active you can switch them to VMAX mode in the same way only an evolution.

How do Pokémon V cards look?

V cards have a high number of health points (HP) as well as powerful attacks superior to almost all other basic cards. They have a power level quite similar to GX cards and just like these, give your opponent two rewards in the event of a KO.

At the level of the image, the Pokemon is represented on the whole map (there is no frame just like the full art of previous generations).

How do we send your Pokémon cards to your address?

It is quite normal to ask the question when you see the value of TCG cards. We send all cards in a sleeve (card protector), enclosed in a top loader (thicker plastic protection).


In addition to all this, we fix this plastic box between two pieces of cardboard to avoid any potential damage and everything is sent in a bubble envelope or in a special cardboard box. You will have understood: we are not kidding with the protection here!

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Your turn to have an Eevee, Gyarados, Arceus or the famous Charizard Shiny VMAX. What is your favorite card?