Pokemon Cards Sun & Moon

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2 products

What is the Sun and Moon series?

This late 2016 set is the first to feature Generation VII Pokémon in the card game. The headliners of this series are Solgaleo, mascot of Pokémon Sun and Lunala, mascot of Pokémon Moon. The 2 Pokémon were entitled to their Booster Box, such as the Booster Box Sun and Moon Ultra Sun for Solgaleo, containing 30 booster packs of 5 cards.

In Japan, it was released as a double expansion, Sun Collection and Moon Collection, which is the first expansion block of the Pokémon card game. The Sun and Moon series introduced the Pokémon-GX form, a more powerful type of Pokémon. At the TCG or TCG card game level, when a Pokémon-GX is Knocked Out, the opponent takes two reward cards instead of one.

Pokémon-GX have a GX attack that does more damage or effects than regular attacks. Pokémon in their GX forms usually came in three types of prints, a regular card, a Full Art Card, and a Rare Rainbow Secret Card (called super rare card in Japan).

How many Booster Box are there in the Sun and Moon set?

There is a total of 36 Booster Box to collect and discover in this set, such as the most famous and popular Tag Team All Star, Sky Legend, Remix Bout or the GX Ultra Shiny.