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40 products

Access the most coveted Japanese cards by collectors of the Pokémon TCG license with just one click!

We no longer present them, the Pokémon Promo cards are the ones that have been the most talked about, especially with auctions that can reach a price of 6 figures!

Their rarity is explained by the fact that they are quite difficult to obtain (limited quantity and release during special events) which has earned them their great popularity among the biggest fans of the license Japanese.

We will add to our collection over time to make it easy for you to get the card of your dreams without having to fly to the land of the rising sun!

How are promotional Pokémon cards distributed?

The rarity of these cards is explained by the fact that they are not obtained in booster packs / display like the majority of rare Pokémon cards. They are distributed or sold most of the time during special events with a limited duration in time (and since they are very popular it is generally necessary to hurry since the stock is quite limited!).

These cards can, for example, be given out when certain stores are opened (such as the Pikachu Shibuya offered when the Shibuya Pokémon Center in Tokyo opens), as a reward during certain official tournaments (such as the very famous No.2 trainer card given to participants in the 2006 world championship, sold for the modest sum of €97,100 in 2021).

When certain video games are released (such as the magnificent Arceus V given to those who pre-ordered the Pokémon Legend Arceus game), during contests organized by the Japanese license (such as the famous illustrator Pikachu corocoro given winners of an illustration competition) or when new displays are released in promotional boxes (such as the very recent Mentali Promo 189/SP).

How to spot a promo card from a normal card?

On the most recent models it is very easy to know if the card is promo or not, indeed a frame with the word: PROMO will be present at the bottom left of the serial number (or sometimes at the bottom right). Promo cards can also be blatant when it comes to collaboration with a different brand or artist given that the style of the artwork will be unique (such as the Pikachu Mario/Luigi as well as the recent Pikachu Yu Nagaba).

On older models the difference is less obvious, sometimes only the logo of the extension will change (as for the Illustrator Corocoro card where the symbol is a brush).

What are the reasons for the popularity of promotional Pokémon cards?

The fact that they are difficult to access makes them very attractive to the most loyal collectors of the TCG license. Who hasn't dreamed of having a rare and unique card in their binder to show off in front of their friends? In addition, most of these cards have a unique design making them very attractive visually, such as the Munch cards based on the theme of Edvard Munch's famous painting: The Scream which are my favorites!

In addition to all this, there can be a financial / investment side: promotional cards have a limited quantity, which increases their value over time.

In short, you will quickly understand that these cards will have and continue to mark the history of the TCG, which allows our favorite license to gain popularity, making our passion more famous in the world.

If you want to get your hands on a promo card, we recommend that you go see our Pokémon Boxes, most of which have one, or go to the Single Cards section that we put updated regularly to allow you to find the card of your dreams.

How do we send your PROMO Pokémon cards from Tokyo to you?

Like you, we collect Pokémon cards, and we are well aware of the value of these cards. All cards will be sent under sleeve (card protector), enclosed in a top loader (plastic box). In addition, they will be wrapped in bubble wrap, all shipped in a bubble wrap or special cardboard.

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