Card Pokémon VMAX

306 products

306 products

Welcome to an important collection of the TCG universe and the Pokémon card collection, the VMAX Cards!

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has integrated the Dyanamax and Gigantamax mechanics with the addition of V and VMAX cards during from the release of the Sword and Shield set.

VMAX cards work like this: They can be equipped with any which Pokémon V of the same type. A VMAX Lokhlass, for example, can attach to Lokhlass V, much like Tier X cards worked back in the days of the Diamond and Pearl generation.< /p>

How are Pokémon VMAX cards characterized?

VMAX cards are similar to the Pokémon video game, VMAX cards come with a range of new abilities, attacks, and an extraordinary amount of hit points ( PV), making it a useful card to use in-game, and collectors of rare cards will want to add to their binder.

Graphically on the cards, Pokémon VMAX have a cloudy halo of red and burgundy color. The size of these creatures are also disproportionate. They are gigantic like the damage they inflict!

How are Pokémon cards delivered to me?

Like you, we collect Pokémon cards, and we are well aware of the value of these cards. All cards will be sent under sleeve (card protector), enclosed in a top loader (plastic box). In addition, they will be wrapped in bubble wrap, all shipped in a bubble wrap or special cardboard.


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Your turn to have an Eevee, Gyarados, Arceus or the famous Charizard Shiny VMAX. What is your favorite card?