Card Pokémon Skyscraping Perfect S7D

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      18 products

      When was the Skyscraping Perfect (S7D) series released?

      The Skyscraping Perfect series was released on July 9, 2021 in Japan. We find it in the same line of Sword and Shield cards with V and Vmax cards, and more precisely, it is a series that opens the big ball of "S7", after the Eevee Heroes.

      How many cards are there in the Skyscraping Perfect series?

      There are a total of 71 collectible cards in this series, along with some unique secrets rare. There are  23 secrets rare in this series.

      What are the reasons for the success of this edition?

      We find in this series the popular Pokémon : Wyvern, as well as his pai  Duralogon. The Rare, full art, secrets Cards really deserve to be discovered, although very popular with collectors!

      The special art, especially the Wyvern Vmax, is a very popular card, with a design that surprised many.