Card Pokémon Pearless Fighter S5a

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      25 products

      When was the Pearless Fighter series (S5a) released?

      The Peerless Fighter series was released on March 19, 2021 in Japan. It is in the same mood than  Sword and Shield cards along with the V and Vmax cards. it is a sequel to the Combat Styles series which was released earlier this year.

      How many cards are there in the Twin Fighter series?

      There are a total of 70 collectible cards in this series, along with some unique secrets rare. There are also 14 full-art Secret Rares not including Rainbow and Gold alternatives.

      What are the reasons for the success of this edition?

      In this Twin Fighter series, also called Matchless Fighter or Double Fighter, we find the 3 legendary birds in their Galarian form: no surprise, it's a big success.

      The secret rare cards in this series are very popular and they are the reason of the succes of this series. This is especially the case for the Moltres Galarian card, which is the most popular of the serie.